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    See the incredible stories of our kids on campus.


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  • The Journeys

    In our 70-year history, we have seen thousands of journeys.

    Hear a few of those stories from our children and former residents.

    Meet Sergio

    Sergio–a new resident and future doctor–tells us he’s happy he’s here, and we’re happy to be beside him as he journeys toward a brighter future.

    Meet Nick

    Nick was just like any of the 30,000 children entering the foster care system–but at Today’s Harbor, he found the tools, stability and structure he needed to help him succeed.

    Meet Amber

    Amber came to The Harbor at 10-years old, but it was at Today’s Harbor that she learned what it was like to be a child for the first time.

    Meet José

    José found a stable, loving family-structure at Today’s Harbor when he needed it most–and continues to keep in contact with his house parents.

    Meet Veronica

    Veronica has been placed in a home with a house mom and dad who are helping her grow up and pursue her dreams–like becoming a gymnast.



    There are nearly 30,000 more children in the Texas foster care system.

    You can make a difference.