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  • FAQ

    What does Today’s Harbor for Children, formerly Boys and Girls Harbor, do?

    Today’s Harbor for Children provides a crucial safe harbor for children needing residential care. Today’s Harbor For Children houses up to 64 children in 8 cottages providing food, clothing, counseling, health care, recreation and most importantly, a stable family environment. We strive to provide place, family structure and choice to empower children in our care.

    What is the difference between a child being voluntarily placed at Today’s Harbor for Children versus being placed there by Child Protective Services (CPS)?

    By voluntarily placing your child at Today’s Harbor for Children, we can provide families with help and support. We can also guide them to agencies that can help improve their situation and bring their child home. If a child is placed at Today’s Harbor for Children by an agency like CPS, there are guidelines established by that agency that must be followed.

    What are some of the programs and activities offered at Today’s Harbor for Children?

    Our programs are designed specifically to help our children grow and thrive. Programs include a transitional living program for teens focused on teaching economic independence and handling everyday responsibilities, athletics, an agricultural program which involves raising and nurturing a farm animal, weekend outings with “Host Family” volunteers, an annual summer trip and an open enrollment charter school.

    Why did Today’s Harbor for Children change the name from Boys and Girls Harbor?

    We realized that the most important factor in helping people understand this organization was our name. The name “Boys and Girls Harbor” was too similar to other organizations in the community that also served children. We struggled to stand out, and there was confusion about exactly what the organization does. To address this challenge head-on, we embarked on an in-depth naming study, which resulted in a new name: Today’s Harbor for Children, honoring our 70-year history while making way for a long and impactful future. Read more about our name change here.


    How long can my child stay at Today’s Harbor for Children?

    Children can stay at Today’s Harbor for Children for as long as needed.

    Is there a limit to how many children from one family can be placed at Today's Harbor for Children?

    No.  Today’s Harbor for Children strives to keep siblings together and does not limit the number of children from one family.

    Does placing my child (or children) at Today’s Harbor for Children mean I am giving up my parental rights and/or custody?




    Absolutely not. When a family member places a child in the care of Today’s Harbor For Children, we meet you with compassion, love and understanding. We want families to be reunited once any challenges within the home have been resolved.


    If I voluntarily place my child (or children) at Today’s Harbor for Children can I visit and maintain communication with him/her?

    Today’s Harbor for Children knows how important the family bond is, and we work hard to maintain positive relationships between family members through weekend visits and phone calls.

    How will Today’s Harbor for Children help my child continue his/her education?

    We have a charter school on campus to provide our children up to eighth grade with education developed from their unique path and needs. After eighth grade, your child has the option of attending school in one of La Porte Independent School District’s public schools, or they can be enrolled in The Harbor Academy, a charter school program located on our campus. Education is a top priority for us and we work hard to make sure each child is attending class and completing school assignments.

    How much does it cost to place my child at Today’s Harbor for Children?

    There is no fee for services if you place your child at Today’s Harbor for Children.

    I don’t have transportation, how can I get my child to Today’s Harbor for Children?

    If you need help getting your child to Today’s Harbor for Children, please contact us to see if we can assist you with transportation.


    What is a host parent and how do I become one?

    The Host Family Program, or “Anchor Program”, is an integral part of our operations. Host parents invite a child, or children, from Today’s Harbor for Children to become a part of their family during their visits. For the day, the children at Today’s Harbor for Children get to experience what every child experiences with their family on the weekend. Visits can include swimming, barbecues, movies or playing with friends. For more information on how to become an Anchor, click here.

    I’m interested in becoming a volunteer, what volunteer opportunities can I participate in?

    From coaching a basketball team to sorting and distributing donations, our volunteers provide crucial support for our kids. We could never do what we do without our amazing volunteers and community. Please check out our volunteer opportunities to see how you can play a crucial role in changing a child’s life. For more information on how to volunteer, fill out a volunteer application.


    What kind of donations do you take?

    We take both in-kind and cash donations. To make an in-kind donation, please utilize our wish list to see where we need items most. We could not keep running without the crucial support we receive from our community. To make a monetary donation, please visit our donation page. For in-kind donations we ask that you consider only donating washed and gently-used or new items.

    Where can I find out more information about your events?

    Please visit our event pages to sponsor or attend any of our fundraising events.