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  • Name Change

    After 70 years as Boys and Girls Harbor, we’ve changed our name. For decades, our organization has provided a crucial safe harbor for children in crisis. We will continue to be that organization. Yet, to do more and to go further, we need to communicate clearly who we are, and what sets us apart. As of February 21, 2018, Boys and Girls Harbor became Today’s Harbor for Children.

    Why We Are Changing the Name

    We realized that the most important factor in helping people understand this organization was our name. The name “Boys and Girls Harbor” was too similar to other organizations in the community that also served children. We struggled to stand out, and there was confusion about exactly what the organization does. To address this challenge head-on, we embarked on an in-depth naming study, which resulted in a beautiful new name: Today’s Harbor for Children, honoring our 70-year history while making way for a long and impactful future.

    We want to continue to be a resource for our community, and it became clear that not enough people knew we were a resource. We hope that once our community understands us and the urgency behind our mission, we’ll be able to rally together to become a stronger united force in providing a safe harbor for the youth of our city.

    About the New Name

    Today’s Harbor for Children speaks to the idea that your community is not meant to be a forever place. It demonstrates that the hardships these children have faced are temporary. With Today’s Harbor for Children, they are given the tools to move on to tomorrow’s dreams.

    New Logo and Brand

    Our brand emphasizes the fact that young people are placed at Today’s Harbor for Children on their journeys, seeking shelter, support and guidance at a time when they really need it. At Today’s Harbor for Children, each traveler—weary or not— is able to stock up on supplies and ready themselves for whatever their lives hold next. While we can’t predict where each child will go from here, we can prepare them for the path ahead. Like an actual harbor, our organization is a place of safety, of discovery and of service.

    You can download more information about our name change here. If you are a partner or vendor with questions about how the name change may affect our partnership, please reach out to acaylor@boysangirlsharbor.org