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  • Young Professionals

    Our goal for our Today’s Harbor for Children is to empower Young Professionals to connect with other individuals who share a passion for philanthropy. As a part of “The Fleet,” you will participate in spreading awareness about child abuse, neglect and child welfare reform and recruiting future donors and volunteers. We hope to connect people through, fun and engaging events that also support Today’s Harbor for Children’s mission.

    The Fleet will comprise of dedicated young professionals who are both committed to supporting our children’s journeys and come from all professionals, backgrounds and walks of life through networking and hosting social gatherings, speaking engagements, coordinating and leading campus projects, assisting with events, and marketing and distribution to name a few. The Fleet is here to support, prepare, and connect emerging community leaders to positively impact Today’s Harbor for Children, and in return members leave with a greater understanding of the nonprofit industry, education and child welfare reform, and invaluable skills that can be carried into a variety of careers.