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  • Athletics & Team Sports

    Today’s Harbor for Children’s, formerly Boys and Girls Harbor, athletic program gives each child the chance to develop as both an individual and a team player. Our goal is to give these children back ordinary life experiences that develop character and social skills. Through sports, children learn the importance of following rules, self-discipline, taking responsibility for their actions, self-control, leadership and good sportsmanship. Being on a sports team teaches children that following rules can be the difference between winning or losing a game, and then how to carry those life principles into the real world. The athletic program also gives children the opportunity to build self-esteem and work together while playing on one of Today’s Harbor for Children’s teams.

    The campus includes a large gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and a baseball field with bleachers for spectators. In addition to intramural games, Harbor teams also compete against other residential care programs, churches, and private schools in the area.

    Sporting events bring the campus together with children, house parents, and staff cheering on the Harbor Rams and reinforces the feeling of community.

    “Coach Rae pulled me aside and said, ‘Schutte, there is no easy way. The only way to get things done is to buckle down and do it.’ If Coach hadn’t said that to me, who would have?”- George Schutte, Alum

    Volunteer to coach or mentor a sports team.