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  • Host Family, Our Anchors

    The Host Family Program, or “Anchor” Program is a critical part of the growth and journey of the children at Today’s Harbor for Children.

    Anchors are volunteers who invite a child (or children) from Today’s Harbor for Children, formerly Boys and Girls Harbor, into their homes to become a part of their family during host family visits. These visits typically include spending alternating weekends, holidays and a portion of the summer with their host family. Spending time off-campus with a host family gives children at the Harbor the opportunity to experience the daily routine and activities of family life outside our community.

    These children are seeking support and guidance during a time when they really need it—host families, in tandem with the house parents and staff, help to guide them to their next destination. House parents and staff work around the clock to provide our children with the stable family life needed for them to grow, The Host Family program makes it possible for our house parents to get a much-needed break and for the children at Today’s Harbor for Children to thrive and grow outside of the campus.

    Become a Host parent to change the lives of our region’s youth.