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  • Christmas & Thanksgiving Children’s Donations

    If you are looking to make Christmas children’s charity donations that will make a profound impact on a child’s life, then explore the giving opportunities made available through Today’s Harbor for Children.

    Located in La Porte, Texas, Today’s Harbor for Children has lifted over a thousand kids out of the depths of neglect and abuse and provided them with stability and opportunity. Through the generosity of the community, our organization continues to transform the lives of children that span a variety of ages.

    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    The perfect recipient for Thanksgiving children’s charity donations

    When the holidays approach, most people reflect on the many things they are blessed with — a stable home, steady job, plenty of food, money and other essentials. Holiday charity donations are a way to display one’s gratitude by giving to those that aren’t as fortunate.

    Today’s Harbor for Children happily accepts Houston holiday charity donations. This is money that fuels our efforts to house up to 64 children within our eight cottage facilities. We feed, clothe and care for these children while making sure they get educational opportunities at The Harbor Academy.

    Make your Christmas children’s charity donations

    Today’s Harbor for Children makes it easy to give to this worthy cause. If you’re interested in issuing Christmas or Thanksgiving children’s charity donations, you can do so:

    • By mail — send a check payable to Today’s Harbor for Children
    • By phone — connect with one of our team members, who would be happy to help
    • Online — our ‘Donate Online’ page provides a quick, secure way to submit payment online

    We also accept in-kind donations. Browse our Campus Wish List and see if you, or your business, would be able to fulfil these needs at no cost.

    Thank you, on behalf of our staff and residents!

    Today’s Harbor has been growing, evolving and serving for 70 years because of our strong support from such a generous community. Help us continue this important work by considering Christmas children’s charity donations this season!

    Contact Today’s Harbor for Children

    514 Bayridge Road
    La Porte, TX 77571


    281-471-9622 – Voice
    281-471-4396 – Fax

    Corporate Office:

    713-688-6262 – Voice
    713-688-6887 – Fax