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  • Fort Bend Child Care Placement Services

    At Boys & Girls Harbor, children ages 5 to 18 years of age who cannot live at home with their parents or guardians can live at our residential children’s home. To receive Fort Bend child care placement, parents can voluntarily place their child with us, or the child may be placed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

    Placement is not the same as giving up custody. Many of our children are able to return to their homes, while others do stay at the Harbor long term. Since some children stay with our Fort Bend child placement services until they are 18, it’s very important that we provide a loving, stable environment with all the essentials.

    Child Placement Services in Fort Bend TX

    Thanks to the many volunteers and donors of our program, our child placement agency in Fort Bend TX is able to provide the following:

    • Residential care
    • Athletic programs
    • The Harbor Academy Charter School
    • Transitional living program
    • FFA/Agriculture program
    • Summer programs
    • Healthcare and counseling

    Preparing Children for the Future

    The goal of our Fort Bend child care placement is to give our children as normal of a life as possible. Not only do they reside in a home with live-in parents, attend school and participate in extracurricular activities, but also they are taught essential life skills to help them in the future. Many of the children who come to the Harbor go onto receive a higher education and become productive adults.

    Place a Child with Our Fort Bend Child Placement Services

    The first step to placing a child is to contact our Fort Bend child placement agency and fill out an application. Please provide as many details as possible so that we can best understand the child. School documents, birth certificate, immunization records, etc. are helpful. Our staff will then meet with you and the child to ensure that we are the right fit, and we can proceed with child care placement in Fort Bend TX.

    To start the process of Fort Bend child care placement, contact Boys & Girls Harbor today.