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  • Fort Bend Donate To Orphanage

    For those who want to Fort Bend donate to orphanages, we encourage you to discover the many ways that you can make a difference for the children at Today’s Harbor for Children. Our campus provides a safe, loving environment for children 5-18 years old. Our goal is to offer our children a stable life that includes all the normal activities: school, athletics and even time with their live-in house parents.

    We would not be able to provide the wide range of activities and housing without the generous orphanage donations in Fort Bend TX that we receive. For people who are looking to make a difference in young children’s lives, we have many opportunities that can be filled. Whether it’s donating your time, money or skills, Today’s Harbor for Children is happy to have you be a part of our mission!

    The Children in Fort Bend are supported by Today’s Harbor at our La Porte campus.

    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    Ways to Donate to the Harbor

    Here are some of the ways to Fort Bend donate to orphanages.

    • Financial Donation. Make a monetary donation online, by phone or by mail. No donation is too small to help our children!
    • Wish List. Today’s Harbor for Children keeps a wish list of items that we are always in need of, such as milk, toiletries and laundry soap. This is a great way to donate to orphanages in Fort Bend TX if you are unable to make a financial donation.
    • Sponsorship. Today’s Harbor for Children has various fundraising events to raise money, and you can be a sponsor for one of them!
    • Third Party Events. We are grateful to individuals or organizations that want to raise orphanage donations in Fort Bend TX through an event.
    • Employer Matching Gifts. Speak to your company’s HR department to determine if you have a Matching Gift Program.
    • Gifts of Stock. Another way to make Fort Bend orphanage donations is through a gift of stock. Contact your financial advisor to begin the process.

    To learn more about how to Fort Bend donate to orphanages, feel free to call Today’s Harbor for Children. We are always looking for community involvement, and we appreciate every token of support that we receive.

    The Children in Fort Bend are supported by Today’s Harbor at our La Porte campus.

    Contact Today’s Harbor for Children

    514 Bayridge Road
    La Porte, TX 77571


    281-471-9622 – Voice
    281-471-4396 – Fax

    Corporate Office:

    713-688-6262 – Voice
    713-688-6887 – Fax