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  • Galveston Child Care Placement Services

    Are you in need of Galveston child care placement that you can trust? Today’s Harbor for Children provides 24-hour care for children 5 to 18 years of age. Each child receives their basic needs – food, clothing, shelter – as well as other normalized activities. We have a charter school on-site for children in K-8th grades, extracurricular activities, special events and celebrations, healthcare, counseling and more.

    What makes Today’s Harbor for Children particularly unique for a Galveston child placement agency is that we have live-in homes on campus that are staffed with two full-time parents. When a child goes through Galveston child placement services, they live in a stable, loving home with two adults. The Harbor places a special emphasis on keeping siblings together as well.

    The children in the Galveston area are supported by Today’s Harbor for Children through our La Porte center. 


    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    How Does Galveston Child Care Placement Work?

    If you need to place a child at the Harbor, the process starts with an application. If you are the parent asking for child care placement in Galveston TX, we will need as much information as possible on the child so that we can better understand their needs. This includes:

    • Immunization records
    • Birth certificate
    • Social security card
    • Latest physical examination records
    • School records

    Our Galveston child placement services will also want to meet with you and the child so that we can assess their needs. We want to make sure that our child placement agency in Galveston TX is the right fit. Though our child placement services in Galveston TX are licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, we do not have the services to treat children with serious emotional or behavioral disorders.

    Today’s Harbor for Children not only takes care of children’s basic needs but also prepares them for the future. Many of our children continue their education and grow up to be accomplished individuals. If you would like to learn more about Galveston child care placement at our facility, please call us today.

    The Children in the Galveston area are supported by Today’s Harbor for Children through our La Porte center. 

    Contact Today’s Harbor for Children

    514 Bayridge Road
    La Porte, TX 77571


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    Corporate Office:

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