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  • Galveston Orphanage Children’s Home Volunteer

    Have you ever thought about helping out at a children’s orphanage? Many people are surprised to hear that there are still orphanages, let alone Galveston orphanage volunteer opportunities!

    Boys & Girls Harbor is a nonprofit organization that provides 24/7 care to 5-18 year old children in need of a home. Some children are abused, some neglected. Some are never shown safety or security. Our children’s home volunteers in Galveston TX change that.

    We Love Our Galveston Children’s Home Volunteers at the Harbor!

    The Harbor could not provide our children with the love and support they need without the help of our volunteers. We greatly appreciate our volunteers and the skills, personalities and abilities they bring with them.

    Though we have a wide range of orphanage volunteer opportunities in Galveston TX, we try to match our volunteers’ skills with the positions available. This way, each position is filled to its fullest, and our volunteers are most comfortable giving back.

    What Types of Galveston Orphanage Volunteer Opportunities are Available?

    All you need to volunteer at Boys & Girls Harbor is the desire to do so. We have many opportunities for individuals, clubs, civic groups, churches and corporations to make a difference. Some of the ways that children’s home volunteers in Galveston TX help are:

    • Assisting with projects on our campus
    • Tutoring, organizing the library and teaching computer skills
    • Providing general administrative support
    • General maintenance on our campus grounds
    • Showing children how to deliver care to our livestock
    • Assisting our recreation director with recreational activities and athletics
    • And much, much more!

    Make a Difference Today!

    We hope that you find something that speaks to you! Our Galveston orphanage volunteer opportunities are flexible, as we understand that you have other obligations to fulfill. We appreciate your time and your willingness to make a difference in young children’s lives. You just never know when you may run into a Harbor graduate in the future!