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Volunteer at Today’s Harbor for Children

222 children died in Texas last year due to abuse and neglect.

450 children per day CPS considers to be in serious danger will not see a caseworker for more than 24 hours.

30,000 children are assigned to each caseworker in Texas.

These are just some of the statistics, but each represents a child.

The children at Today’s Harbor for Children, formerly Boys & Girls Harbor, have often been taught to see themselves as another number in the foster care system, but we’re working to change that. Because there are more than just numbers at stake—what is at stake is the quality of kids’ lives.

“Kids who grow up in the projects usually become a product of their environment. Not all kids want that life, but it is all they know.” – Kente, Today’s Harbor for Children Alum

We see more than a statistic. We see a young person who needs shelter, support and guidance during a time of crisis. We want to empower each child to see the same potential in themselves that we see in them every day. We want to be the people who help our youth take back their own life path through love and support. We want to show that we care, that we support them and that we are here for the long-haul.

“The Harbor taught me I am not a product of my circumstances, rather I am a product of my decisions.” – George, Today’s Harbor for Children Alum

Do you see beyond the numbers, too? Join us. Volunteers are a crucial part of our operations, and whether it’s assisting at a fundraising event, coaching a Harbor basketball team or simply sharing the mission to help more children find their new home, we have something for everyone. Find out how you can be a part of the Today’s Harbor for Children team: