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    Empower a child to see the same potential in themselves that we see in them every day. See our list of active volunteer opportunities here.

    Join The 211 Fleet

    The 211 Fleet is a group of individuals who use mission-based volunteer activities to advocate for the 211 children that died from abuse and neglect in Texas in 2018.

    Join the Anchor Program

    Volunteers with our Anchor Program take children off campus for temporary visits, backyard barbecues, swim days and movie nights with their friends and families. It offers important bonding time and mentorship outside of the Today’s Harbor campus and a much-needed break for our House Parents who work around the clock to care for the children in their home.


    We are always looking for advocates to attend speaking engagements, recruit volunteers and be champions for systemic change. April is Childhood Abuse Prevention Month. You can support and advocate for Today’s Harbor during the month of April in several ways – more here. Find us on Facebook and Twitter or reach out to learn how you can help us raise awareness around a crisis in our community

    There are nearly 30,000 children in the Texas foster care system.

    30,000 children who need an advocate to love, care and support them. You can make a difference.