Host a Child

Going on family outings and excursions is a crucial part of childhood, but that kind of ordinary fun that many of us take for granted is extraordinary.

Our Host Family Program, or “Anchor” Program, is a critical part of a child’s life at Today’s Harbor for Children. Without them, the entire organization would suffer.

Host families’ value to our organization is paramount. It offers the children here important time outside of our community, bonding time and mentorship with their Anchors and a much-needed break for our House Parents who work around the clock to care for the children in their home.

Take a child or a group of children to a range of activities, including sporting events, backyard barbecues or movies. This is an opportunity to do more than just volunteer your time, it’s a way to make a huge impact in young people on their life journey.

Become a Host Parent

Host Family Application – Spanish

Host Family Release Information – Spanish