Boys and Girls Harbor has a new name! After 70 years, we’ve changed our name to Today’s Harbor for Children.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. You must complete the entire form for consideration. Please complete and return the Volunteer Acknowledgement form to: Boys & Girls Harbor 514 Bayridge Rd. La Porte, TX 77571 Phone: 281-471-9622 Fax: 281-471-4396

 Click here to complete and sign a pdf version to sumbit via fax, email, or postal mail.

Volunteer Acknowledgment


* The information obtained in this appliation is for internal use by Boys & Girls Harbor only.

* Boys & Girls Harbor will conduct a criminal background check and by signing this application you give us permission to complete this portion of the volunteer screening process.

* Volunteers assum the responsibility of asking any and all quiestions for clarification.

* Volunteers are required to mainitain confidentiality at all times during their volunteer assignments.