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  • volunteer opportunities

    Campus Special Events

    Assist with coordination and development of on-going special events for the campus (Children’s Christmas Party, Annual Harbor Awards Banquet, etc.).

    Clerical & Administration

    General administrative support, maintain files, and answer office phones.


    Tutor children during the school year, tutor children during summer reading program, organize the library, and teach computer skills.

    Facility & Maintenance

    General maintenance of buildings and grounds, painting, electrical, plumbing and special projects. Mowing, planting flowers, mulch beds, fence repair, tree trimming, etc


    Assist children working with show animals to prepare for livestock shows in April and October, help with up-keep of pastures and farm grounds, work cattle, clip and groom animals, and assist with maintenance of pecan orchard.

    In-kind Donations & Distributions

    Solicit donations, assist with pick-up of donated items, record, sort and distribute donated items, and assist with organization of clothing room.

    Programs & Training

    Present various programs to children including those dealing with life skills and family patterns, provide career or vocational training, and educational seminars to older Harbor residents, teach children special skills – choir, dance, art, etc., assist with staff and resident drug awareness program, and provide clerical support.

    Public Relations & Volunteer Recruitment

    Promote community awareness of services provided, speak to community and civic organizations, help with volunteer coordination, utilization and retention.

    Recreation & Athletics

    Assist recreation director with sporting events, coach teams, maintain and organize equipment, referee basketball games, umpire baseball/softball games, keep score at Harbor sporting events, and operate score clock.

    Social Services

    File maintenance, network with other service agencies, update referrals, and maintain medical information.

    Development / Fundraising

    Includes annual Fantasy Football Draft Night, Children’s Fashion Show, Good Skipper Luncheon, and Golf Tournament. Assist with underwriting mailings, assemble corporate information packets, assist with event decoration and set-up, help with event check-in tables, information booth and/or silent auction tables, and solicit and pick up silent auction items.

    Host Family

    Host a child every other weekend, vacations and select holidays throughout the year. (Background check required). Speak to churches and civic organizations regarding program in attempts to build Host Family base.
    Click Here for a Host Family Application Form

    Additional Information

    Letters of Reference

    Upon written request from volunteers, Boys & Girls Harbor will gladly provide a letter of reference or volunteer verification to current or prospective employers, as well as organizations to which a volunteer is trying to gain membership.  An official letter of reference will be written by the supervising staff member and co-signed by Harbor President & CEO or Campus Director.

    Tax Deductions

    Volunteers may deduct unreimbursed expenditures incurred during service to Boys & Girls Harbor.  Examples of approved deductions include automobile mileage, bus and cab fares, parking fees and tolls.  The value of volunteer time, however, is not an acceptable deduction.  Please contact your local IRS office for a detailed description of approved Federal deductions for volunteers.


    Confidentiality is vital to the safety and well-being of the children at the Harbor.  House parents are not permitted to give any background or current information that does not directly relate to the specific contact between the volunteer and a child.

    Children are placed at the Harbor for their personal protection and any reference, whether intentional or not, to the child’s whereabouts could place that child and other Harbor children in danger.  Sometimes unfortunate or unpleasant circumstances lead children to the Harbor.  Our confidentiality policy offers each child a safe and loving home that is free from harsh judgments and embarrassment.  We ask all volunteers to accept each child on the simple terms that they present to you.