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  • Houston Anti Bullying Fundraisers

    With the number of Houston anti bullying fundraisers available, it can be hard to choose the right fit for your school. What many people don’t realize is that Boys & Girls Harbor has a unique fundraising opportunity that addresses bullying along with social and emotional learning. This program is called Tug for Life.

    Tug for Life: Houston Anti Bullying Resources

    Boys & Girls Harbor is a residential children’s home for children ages 5 to 18 years of age. Many have been abused or neglected, and some will live with us long term. We feel that if any organization can shed light on bullying, our anti bullying resources in Houston TX can! The Tug Challenge allows people to participate in a classic tug of war game, bringing awareness to the children that “tug” on our heartstrings.

    Life Lessons from Our Anti Bullying Organizations in Houston TX

    Boys & Girls Harbor is here to change the futures of our children. Our Houston anti bullying organizations teach children what characteristics they should model and how to stop the cycle of abuse. In a sense, many of our children have been bullied all their lives, and we need to teach them how to stop this cycle. By participating in our anti bullying fundraisers in Houston TX, you can give back to our organization while raising awareness.

    How Your School Can Benefit from Tug for Life

    There are two ways to benefit from our Houston anti bullying fundraisers. The first is by getting money back for your school based on how much you raise through donations. The second is by getting brand new P.E. equipment for your school. With so much to offer your students, your school and Boys & Girls Harbor, we hope that you choose to use our anti bullying resources in Houston TX!

    If your school is interested in Houston anti bullying fundraisers, please contact the Harbor today. We also do fundraising events for corporate events!