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  • Houston Best Non Profit Charities

    Boys & Girls Harbor is one of Houston best charities for children. Our purpose is to provide children with a loving, stable home environment. Some children are placed here voluntarily by their parents while others are placed by the Texas Department of Children and Family Services. The goal of our best charities for children in Houston TX is to get the child back with their family as soon as possible. However, some children do live at the Harbor for many years.

    What Makes Us One of the Houston Best Children’s Charities?

    As one of the best non profit children’s charities in Houston TX, Boys & Girls Harbor continually updates its activities and offerings to fit the needs of today’s children. We want our children to have a “normal” life during their stay with us, which is why each day is filled with regular activities such as attending school, participating in activities and spending time with the live-in house parents.

    In order to provide everything that we do – food, clothing, shelter, education, counseling – our center accepts donations in all forms. As one of the most trusted Houston best charities for children, we do receive support from volunteers and the community at large. Yet caring for up to 88 children requires a lot of time, money and supplies, which is why our Houston non profit children’s charities reach out to the public for donations.

    What are Some of the Ways to Help Our Charity?

    If you decide to donate to our non profit children’s charities in Houston TX, you can expect your donation to go to things such as the following:

    • Shelter
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Education
    • Counseling
    • Health care
    • Recreation
    • Summer programs
    • Athletic equipment

    With your help, Boys & Girls Harbor can continue being one of the best children’s charities in Houston TX. We take our role seriously, and we are proud to say that we have helped thousands of children since our inception. We look forward to helping many, many more. Let’s continue making the Harbor one of the most well-respected and widely known Houston best charities for children!