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  • Children’s Charities Homes Holiday Volunteering in the Houston Area

    If you have been searching for Houston children’s charities holiday volunteering opportunities, we hope you’ll consider Boys & Girls Harbor.

    We house children of all ages in a safe and loving home environment that they might otherwise never know. We nurture and train these children throughout their young years to be happy and productive adults once they are out on their own. And children’s charities holiday volunteering in the Houston area is the way we are able to get so much done.

    Our Houston children’s homes holiday volunteering is one of the main ways we can ensure that these children have everything they need in terms of education, recreation and special activities. Your time spent volunteering never goes unnoticed.

    Help Houston children’s homes with holiday volunteering

    These children have often led very difficult lives and your time and attention makes such a difference. We always have room for more volunteers and there are many areas where we cannot meet their needs alone. Some of the ways you can help with children’s homes holiday volunteering in the Houston area through Boys & Girls Harbor include:

    • Tutoring
    • Children’s Christmas party
    • Special events
    • Hosting children in your home
    • Fundraising
    • Administrative
    • Sporting events
    • Public relations
    • Vocational training
    • Extracurricular activities

    Children’s charities holiday volunteering in the Houston area is essential all year, but especially during the holiday season. Kind people like you give of their resources continually to help our organization give deserving children normal lives full of love and joy.

    Make a difference in the Houston Area

    We established our Houston children’s charities holiday volunteering program in 1998 to try and fill the huge gap we have between what we are able to do for our kids and what we want to do. This program gives individuals and groups the opportunity to become involved in something meaningful. As a nonprofit organization, the needs of our children fall solely on volunteers and donors who so generously give of their time and resources all year long. During this holiday season, won’t you consider making a difference? You never know how much you can change a child’s life until you witness it firsthand.