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  • Children’s Home Holiday Giving Donations in the Houston Area

    Houston children’s home Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday giving is something that’s near and dear to many people’s hearts and Today’s Harbor for Children is one of the best places in the world to share your resources.

    Our center houses children from 5 to 18 to be responsible loving adults. Our mission is to provide healthy, comprehensive residential care for children and families in crisis in a loving and safe home setting. And, your children’s home holiday giving in the Houston Area is what helps us to do that.

    For many people, the holidays are difficult, but imagine being one of these children in a new home without immediate family members around. So many of them came from abusive or neglectful environments and our home is their only chance for a normal life and future.

    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    How you can contribute with Children’s home holiday donations in the Houston Area

    That’s why children’s home Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday giving in the Houston Area is so important. With your Houston children’s home holiday giving donations, we are able to not only make some special dreams come true, but we are able to provide these children with essential needs they have just to live normally every day. Some of the ways you can give include:

    • Online
    • By mail
    • Sponsoring special events
    • Christmas gifts
    • Gifts of stock
    • Volunteer
    • Become a host family

    Without the kindness of people like you, our children would have much different lives. Your Houston children’s home holiday donations are always put to use where they are needed the most, and during the holidays, we believe a portion of that is for Christmas gifts these children ask for on their wish lists.

    Make an impact on the lives within a Houston Children’s Home

    If we are able to bless a child with a CD player or a new pair of shoes, haven’t we done a little something to make this child feel special and loved? Please consider Today’s Harbor for Children for your children’s home Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday donations in the Houston Area. You will never truly know how many lives you touch with your gifts.

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