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  • Corporate Team Bonding Activities

    Are you looking for Houston corporate team bonding activities that can reenergize your workforce while benefitting a worthy cause at the same time? Boys & Girls Harbor has developed this type of program and we want to share it with you!

    Dubbed Tug For Life, this program is truly one of the most unique and effective corporate team bonding activities in Houston. Centered on the age-old activity of Tug-O-War, Tug For Life blends a number of different learning elements together to provide a wide range of benefits. These include:

    • Physical fitness: It might not be comparable to training for a marathon, but Tug-O-War is a physically taxing activity that will get your team members out and exercising, which is the goal for all Houston outdoor team bonding activities for businesses. This physical activity allows workers to mentally reset and re-approach their work with a clearer mind.
    • Emotional strength: Tug-O-War can be metaphoric in many ways. With our outdoor team bonding activities for businesses in Houston, your workforce can learn important lessons such as working as a team, overcoming adversity, fighting against resistance, changing your approach to certain challenges and more.
    • Fundraising and awareness: Our Houston corporate team bonding activities are also designed to benefit our residential housing facility, which provides abused and neglected children and families with, not just food and shelter, but all the resources they need to take advantage of future opportunities as independent members of society. Our corporate team bonding activities in Houston help raise awareness for our great facility and programs and raises money in the process.

    Learn more about Tug For Life and how it’s different from other more traditional Houston corporate team bonding activities. Contact Mary Baumann for more information at 713-688-6887 or mbaumann@boysandgirlsharbor.org.