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  • Houston Corporate Team Building Programs

    When company leaders look for Houston corporate team building programs, they generally look for something unique and fun. With Tug For Life, your workforce can partake in a program that is different from traditional corporate team building programs in Houston (i.e. ropes courses, etc.) while channeling their inner child.

    Tug For Life allows your team to let their hair down and play some good old-fashioned Tug-O-War. However, there is an entire program built around this fun activity.

    Ideal Houston team building programs for work provide an over-arching theme that brings a staff together to help teach them important lessons and life skills. Tug For Life successfully achieves this feat.

    Looking for well-rounded Houston team building employee programs?

    Aside from being one of the non-traditional team building employee programs, Tug For Life focuses on:

    • Providing an avenue for physical activity. The benefits of exercise — whether during the work day or during off time — are impossible to ignore. Team building employee programs in Houston that allow for physical activity help rejuvenate your team and creates a healthier workforce overall.
    • Teaching lessons of emotional strength. Tug-O-War can be a metaphor for many life situations — fighting resistance, adjusting to challenges, working as a team, facing adversity and more. The right Houston corporate team building programs are able to offer this type of content that encourages a higher level of character in each participant.
    • Raising awareness and resources for those who need it. Not all corporate team building programs in Houston also benefit those in the community who need it most. Tug For Life helps raise money and awareness for Boys & Girls Harbor, which houses neglected and abused children and families, equipping them with what they need to re-enter society as productive, happy individuals.

    Learn more about Tug For Life and how it serves as one of the truly unique Houston corporate team building programs. Contact Mary Baumann at 713-688-6887.