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  • Fun Team Bonding Activities for Organizations

    Local companies of all sizes are constantly on the lookout for Houston fun team bonding activities for organizations. Boys & Girls Harbor has developed a unique program that centers on the age-old activity of Tug-O-War.

    As one of the truly unique and fun team bonding activities for organizations in Houston, Tug For Life was developed by Boys & Girls Harbor — a nonprofit residential facility for abused children and families — to promote exercise and emotional strength while raising funds for a worthy cause.

    Looking for Houston employee team bonding activities?

    Tug For Life can provide the workout and physical fitness to keep your workforce healthy and productive throughout the week. Do you know of any employee team bonding activities in Houston that let you play Tug-O-War during the day?

    While this activity is simple, it not only provides exercise for your staff members, but also imparts import lessons, like facing adversity, collaborating together as a team, finding inner strength and more. You probably didn’t know all that could come from a simple game of Tug-O-War, did you?

    Houston fun team bonding activities for organizations can also benefit a great cause!

    Tug For Life is one of those fun team bonding activities for organizations in Houston that benefits more than just your company and its workers. There is a fundraising element to the program which transforms these Houston fun employee bonding activities into a way to provide resources for the children and families living with us at Boys & Girls Harbor.

    Men and women participating in our fun employee bonding activities in Houston are asked to help spread the word about the importance of providing these vulnerable members of our society with the opportunities they need to be productive and happy.

    Experience Tug For Life for yourself and see why it’s one of the truly best Houston fun team bonding activities for organizations. Contact Mary Baumann, director of Corporate and Community Relations at 713-688-6887 ext. 304.