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  • Social Emotional Wellness Activities

    It can sometimes be difficult to develop Houston social emotional wellness activities, but these types of programs are essential for school-aged children and even adults. Here at Boys & Girls Harbor, we have created Tug For Life, that combines the physical benefits of exercise mixed with lessons in emotional strength that children so desperately need as they grow and mature.

    Tug For Life is one of the truly unique social emotional wellness activities in Houston. We offer a program for schools and also a corporate program. What many would consider to be one of the best Houston team building activities, Tug For Life gets kids and adults moving with rousing games of Tug-O-War while learning important lessons in the process.

    Some of the lessons bestowed in these team building activities in Houston include:

    • Taking on, and conquering, daily challenges
    • Responding to adversity
    • Persevering against the forces of resistance
    • Recognizing achievement
    • Identifying personal boundaries and enforcing them
    • And more

    The Houston social wellness activities in Tug For Life not only get children and adults moving while teaching them important lessons, but it’s also a worthy cause. Tug For Life solicits donations for Boys & Girls Harbor, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit home that accommodates children and families who have escaped abuse or abandonment.

    Not only are these Houston social emotional wellness activities beneficial for participants, but it also raises awareness for these deserving individuals and families and helps provide them with the resources they need to become productive, fulfilled members of our community.

    Team with Boys & Girls Harbor for fun, effective Houston emotional wellness activities

    Tug For Life is one of the truly fun and unique Houston social emotional wellness activities in Houston. We encourage corporations and schools alike to consider participating in this truly rewarding program. For more information, contact Mary Baumann at 713-688-6887 or e-mail her at mbaumann@boysandgirlsharbor.org.