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  • Houston Tug For Life Challenge

    The Houston Tug for Life challenge is a fresh new program that incorporates social and emotional wellness. Within this program, character traits and the prevention of bullying are discussed in an effort to break the cycle of abuse. Whether at school or work, Tug for Life is an excellent fundraising program that addresses all aspects of health.

    Where Does the Tug for Life Challenge in Houston TX Come From?

    Boys & Girls Harbor is a residential children’s home that serves up to 88 children at a single time. Many of the children who come to our center have been abused or neglected. They “tug” at the heartstrings of others because of the life they have faced.

    The Houston Tug for Life challenge is a fundraising program that includes social and emotional learning. It discusses how poor character traits can lead to abuse. In the program, the topic of setting and sticking to boundaries is discussed. Children also learn how their boundaries change over time.

    What to Know About Tug for Life

    Here are a few things to know about the Houston tug of war charity fundraising program.

    • Tug for Life provides TEKS Health and Physical Education aligned educational material so that teachers can encourage physical activity and wellness, while also discussing social and emotional health.
    • Tug for Life integrates the various character traits that should be modeled at school.
    • Tug for Life dollars are used to help children in need at Boys & Girls Harbor. Donations go directly to the children for health care, food, clothes, shelter, counseling, schooling and more.
    • By participating in the Houston tug of war charity fundraising event, your school can earn cash back or P.E. equipment to support your school.

    Not only can Tug of Life be used at your school to foster physical activity and emotional growth, but also it can be used for corporate events. We’re never too old for fun and team building! To learn more about the Houston Tug for Life challenge, call the Harbor today!