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  • Houston Tug Of War Charity Challenge

    Who enjoys playing a game of classic tug of war? We know we do! And for the first time, Boys & Girls Harbor is offering our Houston tug of war charity challenge for schools and corporate events. It’s a wonderful program that brings awareness toward bullying and ways to stop the cycle of abuse. Through our Houston charity fundraising events, you can help our nonprofit organization raise money while also helping out your school.

    Boys & Girls Harbor: Our Mission

    Boys & Girls Harbor is a residential children’s home that serves the needs of children 5 to 18 years of age. Some of the children are placed here by their parents, while others are placed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. When possible, we hope to reunite children back with their families, but some live at the Harbor until they are 18.

    In order to provide a normalized, healthy life for Harbor children, our nonprofit organization relies on donations and volunteers from the community. The support we receive from our Houston charity fundraising events allow us to provide the following:

    • Charter school for children in K-8th grades
    • Residential homes with two live-in parents
    • Quality health care and counseling
    • Food, clothing and shelter
    • Recreational activities and special events
    • Playgrounds, baseball field

    What to Expect from Our Houston Tug of War Charity Challenge

    Tug for Life is a fundraising program that is aligned with TEKS Health and Physical Education. Through our tug of war charity challenge in Houston, you can teach students at your school the following:

    • Character traits to be modeled
    • Ways to stop the cycle of bullying
    • Physical fitness and total wellness
    • Social and emotional learning

    If your school is ready to make a difference in the lives of community children while benefiting your school, call the Harbor and request to learn more about our Houston tug of war charity challenge. Your school can earn money or get new P.E. equipment!