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  • La Porte Donate To Orphanages

    When people come to Today’s Harbor for Children asking how to La Porte donate to orphanages, we are happy to answer any questions! Our organization provides 24-hour care in a family-style home setting for children in need.

    Our children come to us in two ways. The first is through the parents themselves who cannot take care of their child for the time being. The second is through Child Protective Services. We serve children 5-18 years of age.

    What Do Children at Today’s Harbor Receive?

    All children receive comprehensive care during their time at Today’s Harbor for Children. The orphanage donations in La Porte TX that we receive play a huge role in what we are able to offer our children. We provide the following:

    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Shelter
    • Education
    • Counseling
    • Health care
    • Recreation

    Most importantly, all children in our program get to stay in a loving, stable home with live-in house parents. But, all of this would not be possible without people like YOU! Thanks to the generous orphanage donations in La Porte TX that come to us, we are able to provide the care and attention that our children need to thrive.

    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    What are the Ways to La Porte Donate to Orphanages?

    Today’s Harbor for Children offers a wide range of donation opportunities. We hope that you can find one that speaks to your heart!

    The two most popular ways to donate to orphanages in La Porte TX is a financial donation or a gift off our wish list, something we call an in-kind gift. These orphanage donations in La Porte TX allow us to keep our programs running to the best ability. We accept donations of all sizes, and you can choose a one-time or monthly amount.

    Our in-kind gifts include La Porte orphanage donations such as milk, food, clothing, athletic equipment and more. You may also donate your time, sponsor a fundraising event or make a donation in honor or memory of someone special.

    If you’re not sure how to La Porte donate to orphanages, give us a call and we’ll find a way that we can make a difference together!

    Contact Today’s Harbor for Children

    514 Bayridge Road
    La Porte, TX 77571


    281-471-9622 – Voice
    281-471-4396 – Fax

    Corporate Office:

    713-688-6262 – Voice
    713-688-6887 – Fax