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  • Holiday Giving Children’s Charities Donations in La Porte TX

    In regard to La Porte holiday giving for children’s charities, Today’s Harbor for Children invites you to consider our organization.

    Our group home provides children from ages 5 to 18 with the safe and loving home lives they may otherwise never have had. Your Christmas and Thanksgiving children’s charities donation in La Porte helps us make the holidays a special time that our residents will always remember.

    Brighten lives with holiday children’s donations in La Porte TX

    Many kind people look for holiday giving for children’s charities in La Porte every year and we are so grateful that many of them choose us. Your gift not only helps us make these children’s lives a little more normal, it also helps us give them a memorable Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    Here are some ways you can brighten a child’s Christmas with your La Porte holiday children’s charities donation:

    • Volunteer your time to help with Christmas parties and activities
    • Donate a gift or two from the children’s wish lists posted online
    • Write a check that will help with essential needs as well as gifts
    • Sponsor one of our fundraising events to bring in much-needed resources
    • Designate Today’s Harbor for Children as your charity of choice when shopping at Kroger or Amazon
    • Volunteer to speak at social events and civic organizations about the benefits of La Porte holiday giving for children’s charities.

    Our approach goes beyond just a “home”. We are giving children back something invaluable–their childhood.

    Holiday Christmas and Thanksgiving giving in La Porte TX – a simple, yet powerful act of kindness

    The children that come to us often come from broken homes and meager existences. Among our many wishes as caregivers is to make their holidays as memorable as possible and the only way we can do that is through your generous act of holiday giving for children’s charities in La Porte.

    Our volunteers and donors see the value of the resources they provide and are valuable partners in the work we continue to do. So, when choosing your La Porte holiday giving for children’s charities, we hope you’ll consider Today’s Harbor for Children. You are certain to brighten the holidays of a child.

    Contact Today’s Harbor for Children

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    Corporate Office:

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