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  • Volunteer of the Month: Celia Valles

    Celia Valles, a native Houstonian, currently works as the Outreach Coordinator for Council Member Robert Gallegos. She has been a community volunteer for the past 25 years, involving herself in many organizations and fundraisers around town.

    “Many times organizations tried to hire me for events, but I prefer to volunteer,” Valles said.

    This is the second year Celia is volunteering for the Boys & Girls Harbor fundraising event, Fantasy Football Draft Night. Not only is she returning this year, she also recruited 50 volunteers for the event!

    “I love volunteering; it is a great way to network. Whenever I find an opportunity, I like to share it with other people who share my passion for volunteerism,” Valles said.

    Valles attributes her passion for community service to her mother. Celia was one of 10 children in a low-income family, but she said they always found a way to give back to the community. Her mother was very involved with her church and would organize the toy drive during the holidays.

    “My mom would come home with dolls and other toys and I asked if we could keep them, she told me no, that they were for the less fortunate. I remember thinking that we were the less fortunate. But as I grew up I realized there were children without loving parents or a warm bed to sleep in,” Valles said.

    Despite growing up in a low-income family, and having parents with less than a high school education, Celia and all of her siblings attended college.

    We are grateful to have wonderful volunteers like Celia involved with our organization. Her story sends a powerful message to the children who grow up at the Harbor — despite difficult circumstances it is possible to create a bright future for yourself and share it with others.

    Thank you Celia!