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  • Our Approach

    For over 70 years, we have addressed abuse and neglect at its source. We have a unique approach that contains three key aspects.

    Family Structure

    Before coming to Today’s Harbor, Amber grew up being the caretaker to her and her little brother. At Today’s Harbor, she was given back something irreplaceable–her childhood.

    Children need a place to call home and a family to belong to. These may seem like obvious components of an ordinary childhood–but to a child who has never experienced them before–it is transformative.

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    Our unique, residential-style community gave Sergio the stability and comfort he needed to transition into his new home.

    We have built a community designed to address our children’s unique needs. By taking away the daily stress of their lives, we give them a place where they can become empowered to take back control.

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    José’s mother made a choice to place him at The Harbor when she could no longer care for him on her own. He credits that decision with making him into the man he is today.

    The first step in changing a life is making an important choice; when a parent chooses to place a child at Today’s Harbor because they know they need help, when a child makes a choice to take back their lives or the choice a community makes to intervene. No matter what storms our children have faced, we are prepared to be the safe harbor where they can find safety and healing. Thank you for choosing to take this journey with us.

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