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    The first step in changing a child’s life starts with a choice. 

    When a family member approaches Today’s Harbor for Children to place a child here, we strive to meet them with compassion, love and understanding. The Harbor is their home and we will provide all things they need to be part of the family.

    Placement 1Our Campus

    Our approach goes beyond the four walls of a home–we have built a community that meets all the needs of our children. By taking away the daily stress of their lives, we give children a place where they can become empowered to take back control.

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    Placement 2Our School

    Education is our top priority. Children in kindergarten through the eighth grade attend The Harbor Academy–a charter school through our partner Southwest Charter Schools–receiving individualized attention in a stable environment right on campus.

    Placement 3The Admission Process

    If you are looking to place your child at Today’s Harbor for Children, the admission process includes completing an application form and an interview.




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    Today’s Harbor for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization licensed as a General Residential Operation (GRO) by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to serve up to 88 children. Today’s Harbor for Children is not a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Therefore, we do not serve children who have serious emotional or behavioral needs requiring a more restrictive environment or medical supervision.