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    Honor Your Legacy


    There are many ways to give, one of which being the joy of leaving a legacy that will benefit generations of Harbor children to come. Harbor Heroes recognizes the donors who have remembered us in their estate plans through charitable bequests, trusts or other provisions.

    Sample letter to from you to your IRA Plan Sponsor

    If you are interested in joining Harbor Heroes, please fill out this form and return to Patricia Lind, Director of Development at PLind@TodaysHarborForChildren.org.



    Your gift planning options



    -Gifts can be made each year directly to Today’s Harbor for Children from your IRA if you are over 70.5 years of age. 

    Double tax benefit – not included in your income, and counts toward your required minimum distribution

    You do not need to itemize to get this benefit.

    Call your IRA provider and simply ask for a direct gift to the Harbor.


    Name Today’s Harbor for Children as your beneficiary under your IRA:

    -Not included in your estate and your heirs avoid any income tax


    Your Will:

    -Name the Harbor under your will, either in the document or an easy to add codicil.

    -Possible estate tax savings.

    -Call your lawyer or Patricia Lind, Director of Development, for more details.


    Life Insurance:

    -Name the Harbor as owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.

    -A major gift at low cost.

    -Policy value is a charitable deduction as well as the future premiums.


    Appreciated Securities:

    -Give a gift of stock instead of a monetary donation.

    -Charitable donations are based on current market value, not cost basis, so you can avoid capital gains tax.

    -Call your broker for more details


    Appreciated Property – i.e. real estate, privately held businesses, etc.

    -Establish a charitable remainder trust prior to sale and name the Harbor as the ultimate beneficiary



    Disclaimer: Today’s Harbor for Children does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a professional with any questions.