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  • Programs

    We provide more than just a “home.”

    Today’s Harbor provides a campus designed to meet all our children’s unique needs.

    Athletics and Team Sports

    Through sports, children learn the importance of self-discipline, responsibility and leadership. Our coaches also serve as important mentors that many of our alumni have stayed connected to throughout their lives. The campus includes a large gymnasium, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, volleyball and a baseball field.



    FFA/Agricultural Program

    Raising an animal teaches children to be accountable and–if their animal sells at auction, a sense of accomplishment and hard-earned savings that can help support them on their new life path. Our 4,000 square foot barn on campus holds a range of animals, from chickens to steers.




    Summer Program

    For the children at Today’s Harbor, their summer here may be the first they enjoy as a child free from worry, hurt and hungry tummies. We are reclaiming the summer as a season of carefree fun by organizing camping trips, backyard barbecues and beach trips for our kids.





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