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  • Relief Parent Position


    Position             Relief Parent
    FLSA Status      Part-time, Non-Exempt   
    Reporting To     Campus Life Director
    Location            Campus        


    Purpose of Position

    Our mission is to empower children who have faced abuse, neglect and hardships to take back their futures through our unique approach that focuses on providing them with a place in our residential community, a family-like structure and giving families a choice on how to move forward.

    • Develop a nurturing bond with the children
    • Supervise and arrange activities to ensure proper mental, physical, social and spiritual development
    • Ensure hygiene standards are maintained
    • Administer medicine as directed
    • Be a sounding board to children with problems or provide counseling services
    • Manage the household (domestic duties) *Refer back to cleaning checklist/requirements
    • Take children on outings
    • Transport children to and from appointments (doctor appointments, case workers, court, etc.) *Occasional

    Job Overview

    As a Relief Parent you will reside in one of our nine cottage style homes located on our campus. You will relieve our fulltime House Parents of their duties every other weekend, holidays and on an as needed basis. You will be in charge of various tasks relating to personal care, housing, meals, study and recreational activities of children in our care. This position is a 24 hour a day responsibility. You must have an innate concern for the wellbeing of the children in your care. The children are placed in each cottage by gender; a good understanding of cultural differences is important. Effective Relief Parents have a strong sense of responsibility, leadership skills, organized and able to work in close proximity to others.

    A thorough background check, drug screening and references are required. You will need a valid driver license and be insurable. You will be required to have CPR and first aid certifications, if you’re not certified THFC will cover the cost of the certifications. As the laws are ever evolving and the safety of our children is our priority you may be required to take annual training on childcare and routinely you will need to retake certain certifications as they expire.

    As a Relief Parent you will be responsible for the daily supervision and discipline of the children in your care. We, the staff, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services requires you to treat the children in your care with respect and dignity. The primary purpose of discipline must be to encourage, model, and help children to practice appropriate behaviors, not to punish the child. Discipline must suit the particular needs and circumstances of each child, and take into account the child’s:

    • Age;
    • Developmental level;
    • Specific misbehavior,
    • Previous reaction to discipline; and
    • Trauma history, including any history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol exposure, prenatal trauma, early hospitalization or other traumatic events in the child’s history.

    No child in your care may be deprived of basic necessities or subject to cruel, harsh, unusual, or unnecessary punishment. For more information regarding the discipline of children in your care refer to Form K-902-2410.

    You must ensure confidentiality by holding and maintaining children’s information in the strictest of confidence while meeting all Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) standards. All records/information should only be shared with other others on a professional need to know basis once consent has been permitted.

    It is important that you research the guiding principles of THFC, to ensure that they line up with your own personal principles.  This job is not 9 to 5.  It’s your life. Due diligence up front will make for a much happier home life for you (and the children in your home).

    Mandatory Responsibilities and Duties

    • Stay overnight on campus during the duration of your relief shift
    • Compliance of DFPS rules and regulations


    • High School diploma or GED
    • Must be 25 or older
    • Experience in childcare is preferred
    • Background screening
    • Drug screening
    • Driver’s license
    • CPR certified

    To apply, please send your resume to Amber Berry at ABerry@todaysharborforchildren.org.