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  • The 211 Fleet: Today’s Harbor for Children’s Advocacy Group

    The 211 Fleet: Today’s Harbor for Children’s Advocacy Group 1The 211 Fleet is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to creating a better world for abused and neglected children.

    Our number represents the 211 children who died last year in Texas from abuse and neglect. The number in our name changes every year because the need changes every year.

    We serve as a reminder that there is still time to save a life in honor of one that was lost. Join us and stand up for a child who was never given the chance to stand up for themselves.

    Become a Member of The Fleet

    There is no membership fee to join The Fleet. Instead, we ask that our members pledge their support to our organization through volunteerism, participating in mission-based volunteer activities and banding together to take action for real change.

    The 211 Fleet is more than a Young Professionals group. We are an advocacy group open to all ages and anyone who is interested in carrying out our message.

    We hope you will stand with us.