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Tug for Life is a new Coordinated School Health, TEKS aligned fundraising program which includes the components of Social and Emotional Learning. Tug For Life incorporates character traits and the prevention of bullying, which if not broken, can lead to a cycle of abuse.

Tug for Life teaches children about setting boundaries and how those boundaries evolve with age and life circumstances. The program encourages a deep dive into defining desirable character traits in others, and those traits that students want to define their own character.

  • Tug for Life event provides STARR/TEKS Health and Physical Education aligned educational material for teachers to promote physical fitness and total wellness with the inclusion of the social and emotional components of Coordinated School Health.

  • Tug for Life brings together the importance of physical fitness and emotional strength while integrating desired character traits to motivate and model at your school.

  • Your school can earn cash back or P.E. equipment to support your choice of school needs.

  • Your Tug for Life dollars will be used to immediately make a difference in the lives of Texas children and families in need.  The Harbor gives love, hope, faith and a future to children who have only known life to be a daily challenge for survival.

Building Character, Physical and Emotional Strength start with life experiences

Respect, Positive Attitude, Citizenship, Caring, Compassionate, Courage, Honor, Kindness, Cooperation, Self-Control, Perseverance, Goal Setting, Self Confidence, Enthusiasm, Resourcefulness, Teamwork, Healthy Lifestyle, Safety, Gratitude

Help us Stop the Cycle of Abuse


Event Contact: Mary Baumann

(713)688-6262 X 304


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