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  • The transition statement 1

    Dear Friends,

    For the past 75 years, Today’s Harbor for Children has helped thousands of youth rise above the battle scars of abandonment, neglect, and abuse to fulfill their potential. We offer our sincere gratitude to the children and youth who have shown the courage and strength to surmount severe trauma; to the house parents who have provided guidance, love, and support; and to the Harbor staff who have kept the campus running and provided a nurturing, uplifting environment. Most important, we thank you – the thousands of donors and volunteers who have contributed so much over three-quarters of a century to ensure that the Harbor is able to continue its mission.

    As we reflect on 75 years of service, our vision for the future emerges from this strong history. We must preserve our mission, yet transform the organization to meet the needs of youth today. The legal and regulatory landscape has shifted dramatically, and it has impaired our ability to deliver the same residential services we have historically provided. Change is here, and we are embracing it.

    As of Fall ‘23, Today’s Harbor for Children is now part of DePelchin Children’s Center. DePelchin is the oldest family services agency in Houston and is widely revered for its leadership in strengthening the lives of children by enhancing their mental health and physical well-being. DePelchin has developed two distinct programs to be located on the Today’s Harbor campus, one focused on pregnant and parenting teens and the other on older youth who plan to become independent by the age of 18. These are two constituencies that sorely need our help and who will benefit from the spacious facilities of the Morgan’s Point campus. To learn more, please visit the links below or DePelchin’s website. It is our sincere hope that you will continue investing in the children and youth who call the Harbor home and who need your support the most.

    The transition statement 2
    Phillip Thompson
    Chairman of the Board

    To learn more about our next chapter, please visit the sites below:

    Governance Documents